Sway Power Consulting offers a variety of network services for all our clients, proactively fixing issues that can occur. We offer all our clients full daily, weekly and monthly reports and control of every single issue.

With a lot of experience in managing virtualization, data-center and complex networks. Sway Power Consulting Network Services guarantees customer satisfaction and minimum downtime at very low prices. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our network services; we can give you free tips to improve your business. 

Benefits of Network Services

Network services offered by Sway Power Consulting allow businesses to never stop working! Let say your main application requires Internet to run (most applications nowadays do), what happens if the internet goes down? With Sway Power Consulting you don’t have to worry about none of that. We cover all regarding your network performance to ensure that your business is operating to its full potential. Here are some of the benefits of you can enjoy when hiring our network services.

data backup and security

The company’s specialists together with the customer choose suitable software to protect their data.


data backup and security

Our objectives are to prevent the IT system problems that they may present themselves, as well as act with timeliness and in the shortest possible time assisting the customer by telephone, remotely and directly in the company

data backup and security

The company virtualizes yours
infrastructure both on-site and
in their own data centers

Within the network solutions we offer there is the installation of firewall in your gate that prevents any attacks from outside your organization, and if you want more, for an annual subscription you can get counter filter and antivirus. With the counter filter you have the option to block certain websites by categories like malware, drugs and alcohol, nudity etc. With our network services you also have the option to block specific websites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and you can do this by user or group of users. The (Firewall/Router) Antivirus is a first layer of security, followed by the antivirus installed in your computers and servers. The antivirus in the gate (Firewall/Router) is going to be blocking most of the threats before they get into the network.