Network Management

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We provide an end-to-end solution to support your technology needs at all levels offering the best network management and IT customer support the you deserve. We work hard to ensure are completely satisfied with our IT management & network support services.


Enterprise antivirus with schedule to run every day. Plus, hardware health check 24/7.


Dashboard access, allowing the customer to remote in any computer/server. Weekly and Monthly reports of all the computers/servers.

Technical Support

Automatic task to clean temporal files and run disk defragmentation. Windows updates and third party software updates like Java, Adobe etc.


Customized cost effective packages design to meet the specific needs of your business.

Protect your business.

  • Our network management operations team takes care of the daily workings of the network, which includes 24/7 monitoring to identify any problems before they affect the users.
  • Our network management administrative team keeps track of the resources being used in the network and the assigning of those resources in an optimal way.
  • Our network management maintenance team does exactly that. We maintain the network by completing repairs, restoring systems and adding upgrades for coping with increased usage and traffic.
  • Our expert team also manages performance analysis to track availability and performance of in use resources. We also take care of notifications designed to send alerts via multiple devices in response to specific scenarios if they arise.
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      Network Management Remediation Services:

      The system allows us to access any computer/server on the network remotely, allowing us to perform remote support and/or helpdesk.

      The billable time for the remediation services is based on the sum of the time we spend in the computers/servers monthly. For example, we can service the client remotely 4 times and spend 15 minutes each time, so the bill will be for one hour only.


      Hour Blocks:

      For the amount of computers/servers and services we came up with a solution for the clients based on blocks of hours.

      What You Get With Hours Blocks:

      • The amount of hours you buy remotely, in-house or combined.
      • Periodical checks of the status of the network and devices.
      • Remediation services for devices with problems.
      • Backup status checks and tests.
      • Remote support and helpdesk.
      • With this block of hours, the client won’t have to worry about any computer issues because our company will take care of them frequently. This hour-block guarantee an IT service available all the time for all the client’s needs.
      • *This fee can be avoided in case the client decides to purchase block hours.

      Network Management: A Must For Every Business

      In the past decade, millions of startup companies have been founded online and have thrived using the extensive network and technology of Internet and computers. All these companies have one thing in common, they all depend on the Internet to conduct their work. These companies have an employee strength of anywhere from 10 to 500 people all working using the Internet and computers. Companies that handle logistics, travel packages, ticketing information, moving services and several other services need to structure and run a network of computers that are tied together. Each system is usually dedicated to a certain function. Everything runs smoothly until any one of these systems break causing a halt in the functioning of the company. This is where network management comes in. In today’s world any company that manages its affairs using the Internet and Internet enabled devices needs to have network management to control hiccups, stops and crashing of its network of computers. Network Management is how they make sure they are open for business.

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