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Network Management

Our management operations team takes care of the daily workings of the network, which include 24/7 monitoring to identify any problems before they affect the users. Our network management administrative team keeps track of the resources being used in the network and the assigning of those resources in an optimal way.

Our network management maintenance team does exactly that. We maintain the network by completing repairs, restoring systems and adding upgrades coping with increased usage and traffic. Our expert team also manages performance analysis to track availability of in-use resources.

We also take care of notifications designed to send alerts via multiple devices in response to specific scenarios if they arise.


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Remediation Services

The system allows us to access any computer/server on the network remotely, allowing us to perform remote support and/or helpdesk. The billable time for the remediation services is based on the sum of the time we spend in the computers/servers monthly. For example, we can service the client remotely 4 times and spend 15 minutes each time, so the bill will be for one hour only.


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The company’s specialists together with the customer choose suitable software to protect their data.

Our objectives are to prevent the IT system problems that they may present themselves, as well as act with timeliness and in the shortest possible time assisting the customer by telephone, remotely and directly in the company.

The company virtualizes your infrastructure both, on-site and in their own data centers. This means we will help you create and manage virtual machines for your servers, storage, and applications. This way you can reduce your hardware and operating costs, as well as improve the efficiency and scalability of your IT infrastructure. Additionally, it will improve disaster recovery capabilities and increase flexibility for testing and deploying new applications.


Our Firewall service provides a first layer of security to your network by preventing attacks from outside your organization. We install a Firewall in your gate to ensure that all incoming traffic is scrutinized and only legitimate traffic is allowed through. The Firewall is equipped with advanced security features and can block most threats before they even enter your network, providing an essential layer of protection to your network infrastructure.


It will allows you to block certain websites by categories, such as malware, drugs and alcohol, and nudity, among others. This provides an additional layer of security to your network by preventing access to potentially harmful websites. Additionally, our network services give you the option to block specific websites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and you can do this by user or group of users.


Our Antivirus service is designed to protect your computers and servers from malicious software, viruses, and other online threats. This includes installing antivirus software on each device and regularly updating it to ensure maximum protection. In addition, we offer an annual subscription to our Antivirus service, which includes antivirus protection on the Firewall/Router to provide an added layer of security.

For the amount of Computers/Servers and services, we came up with a solution based on blocks of hours.

Network Management


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