Why to use VOIP in your business?

Businesses that want to use efficient and economical telecommunication solutions should consider Voice over IP services. VOIP Services offer various benefits from cost reduction for better time management and higher productivity.

While there are many service providers in Florida, Sway Power Consulting provides many more Voice Over IP advantages than your everyday provider. Here’s a list of Voice Over IP advantages that Sway Power Consulting has to offer.

  1. Better flexibility and mobility

Voice Over IP services do more than increase savings by lowering costs. It enables the user to integrate software programs, such as e-mail, fax, and remote conferencing over the Internet via the telephone. Faxes goes directly to the inbox and can be see it in a PDF format. The Call Forwarding feature allows greater mobility. By setting up call forward to different mobiles device sat specific time and day, one can never miss an important call.

  1. Video calling and conferencing

Clear voice quality, remote attendees and video presentations make Voice Over IP services a very viable and cost-effective option for businesses. It saves the company travel expenses and their employee’s time.

  1. VOIP Provides a greater functionality

IVR system and Voicemail can be configured in the Voice Over IP. To use the IVR system, a responder can be created that allows the user to press any option they want. So the call can be routed to a group of phones, single phone, voicemail or a mobile device.

Voicemail can be configured to allow employees to see the voicemail in the phone and/or email. Voicemail in the email can be easily played on any mobile device and even forwarded to others.

Those are some of the main advantages of using VOIP services in your business. If you need further assistance and information on Voice Over IP Florida services, you can consult Sway Power Consulting today.

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