Why Should You Consider Cloud Migration for Your Business?

Cloud migration offers future growth for businesses that leverage information technology to conduct their day to day tasks. And according to Cisco Systems; more than 4/5th of all data center traffic will be based on the cloud by 2020. This shows how fast cloud computing is taking over the world and why you should also migrate to keep up with the competition. If you are still on the fence about migrating to cloud, have a look at five reasons below:

Top 5 Cloud
Migration Reasons:


One of the primary benefits of cloud migration is the
mobility that it offers. Cloud computing provides you and your employees with flexibility
to operate from a remote location. Furthermore, this flexibility will help you
reduce the number of workstations inside your office and save costs. You can
also monitor all the operations carried out by your employees, and all you need
is a fast computer.


Purchasing and keeping additional services to keep up with
unexpected growth is the old way of scaling your business. Now is the time of
cloud computing and with your migration to the cloud, you get additional storage
space and a lot more features. All you need is to upgrade your existing
package, pay some extra cost, and you will be upgraded in minutes.


If you are running your own data center, you would know how
expensive it can be to operate it. From purchasing the right equipment to
hiring the technicians for its installation and maintenance, you will have to
put a lot of effort and money. But if you choose cloud migration, you will only
pay for the services you use and nothing else. This results in a significant
reduction in IT services costs.


In some cases, storing your data on the cloud can prove to
be much safer than storing it on the data centers and physical servers. A small
security breach in your premises can lead to the loss of critical and sensitive
data that can even result in massive lawsuits. But, if you have the data on the
cloud, you can remotely access your information, delete or move it if someone
hacks into your computers. This makes cloud migration much safer than the
traditional means of storing data.


No matter what you do, if your own servers and hard drives
are severely damaged, there will always be some data that will not be
recovered. And honestly, data is the new currency in today’s world which means
you need storage that offers complete data recovery solution if it gets
corrupted. And cloud platforms like Google drive are just the data storage and
recovery providers.

Sway PC Can
Help You Do It:

So if you are thinking of migrating to cloud and don’t know
where to start, don’t fret, Sway PC can help you migrate to the cloud quickly
and at highly affordable costs. We provide cloud migrating in different areas
ranging from Google apps to Office 365 and more. You can always contact us to
discuss your specific cloud migration needs, and our experts will be happy to
facilitate you.

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