What is My IP

IP Address

IP address is something that is important to you especially if you like staying online. Without your IP address you can’t get the latest information or you can’t access any online information because websites will not be able to trace your computer to send the information that you are looking for. Because of the misinformation about the importance of IP addresses, some websites have decided to educate computer users about the importance of IP addresses. Below are the services that these websites offer.

IP Lookup

This is used to determine the general physical details or address of another online internet user. Using these websites for IP lookup tool, you can determine which country that internet user comes from. Using an IP lookup tool you get information like the host name of that IP address, the country, region or state, the area code, any known services currently running on that IP address, organization’s name and its ISP and also you get to know the latitude and longitude of that area.

Internet Speed Test

This is used to test internet connection in order to get an idea of how fast you can upload, download and also the ping rate. Upload speed data shows you how efficient is it to transfer files like pictures from your computer to another computer. Download speed data shows you how efficient it is for data from other websites to get into your computer. Ping rate shows you the delay time on that internet. The higher the ping rates the more the delays.

IP Change

There are a few methods that you can use to change your IP address. Some of the simple methods are turning off your modem for some few minutes or if it doesn’t work try to unplug it overnight. This will simply change your IP address. If you are using a laptop just connect to another internet service that has a different IP address and your laptop changes to that address automatically. If you are unable to change your IP address just ask your internet service provider to change the address for you.

Trace IP Using Email

Using trace email analyzer tools you are be able to trace the IP address of the sender of that email and track its source. Analyze the header of that email then copy and paste it into the trace email analyzer tool. This tool will then examine that header and give you the IP address of where that email came from.