What is a path?

Accessing folders and files in a PC is similar to the way you access files in a filing cabinet.

In a filing cabinet, each drawer holds hanging folders. Within each of these you can have files as well as manila folders that contain files. You can’t put manila folders inside other manila folders though.

In a PC you have much more flexibility. For example, one folder can have 10 folders and many files in it. Each of those can have 10 folders and many files inside it and so on. You can expand the folder within a folder structure as deep and wide as you want to.

As you navigate through folders to the location of a specific file, you are following a path.

A path always begins with the hard drive letter and then lists in order the folders you go through to get to the file. For example, iexplore.exe is the program that opens and runs the Internet Explorer browser. This program is found in the ‘Internet Explorer’ folder which is in the ‘Program Files’ folder.

The complete path to iexplore.exe is: C:program filesinternet exploreriexplore.exe.

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