Prepare your business for natural disasters

A natural disaster has always been a mutual threat to both small and large businesses across the globe. You need to take a critical step to keep your business data safe even when mother nature strike. With news of natural disasters like flooding, hurricanes, and earthquakes wiping out buildings, city blocks, and even a whole town, one could conclude that having extra copies of your business data kept in the office is not enough as a backup plan. You need to take a modern approach to backup planning that ensures your data is copy and store in the cloud to minimize damage caused by Mother Nature and keep your business running even after the events of a disaster.

At Sway Power consulting, we help you keep your business data safe and properly secured. With the help of our reliable cloud migration service and smart team, we ensure your business data is protected against any disaster with a full backup and disaster recovery planning, to recover data loss is not a problem.

Data loss is not limited to natural disaster alone. In fact, research as shown that over 60% of data loss are from human error and negligence, an example is an employee that accidentally delete an important file from his/her system. If such company doesn’t have a quality backup and disaster recovery planning, such data could be lost forever and cause a major setback to the company. But if you already employ the use of cloud backup as a foundation of your business backup strategy, recovering data in such situation will only take a few minute.

It is important to consider starting a network service assessment before you start your cloud backup system. This allows you to fully understand the downtime you need to take and make plans against your employee and customer’s needs. Monitoring your network ensures smooth running or your network performance while data and file backup is in progress.

During the Natural Disaster

While your business office may be close during a disaster event, cloud migration allows you to continue operating your business in the cloud. It gives you a peace of mind as your business will continue to operate and resume as usual while accessing your data online and satisfying the needs of your clients.

We will help you to access all your business data that has been backup in the cloud from any of your office device. With the use of internet connection, you can access any file from your office computer which could have damage during any disaster.

At Sway Power Consulting, we understand the need to make time for yourself while running your business. It is usually a problem to disconnect from your business when every business activities are in your hand. This is where you need us to lighten your business load. We are more than capable of handling all your business IT needs, while you divert your precious time on your business, family, and friends. With us, you do not need to stress yourself or bothered about data loss or recovering data. With our cloud backup system, our team will ensure your business is never interrupted by any data loss. And even when natural disaster strike, we make sure your business have the chance to re-open.

Contact us today and let us help you secure your business data. Remember that the natural disasters season that is around the corner. Make sure you are protected with a Disaster Recovery Plan.

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