How Technology Is Changing With IP CCTV Cameras

IP CCTV Cameras

The CCTV systems are used for many years, and now it is becoming one of the essential parts of our life. The technology of CCTV security camera system is improving day by day that’s why these systems are becoming even more powerful and convenient to install as well as to maintain.

The market of analog cameras is converted to the IP CCTV cameras; their video server is connected to the internet protocol with the help of Ethernet connection or CAT-5 cable. The IP CCTV cameras contained on a built-in web server that allows the user to directly view from the camera with the help of the internet by using a web browser on their mobiles or laptops. However, in this article, we are going to tell you how these surveillance cameras are changing the way of technology? And how can you get more advantages by using these IP cameras?

High-Quality Image

A typical analog camera equates only 0.4 megapixels, whereas IP CCTV security cameras equate 2 megapixels that can provide more than five times high analog resolution. Some of the IP cameras also equates up to the 10 megapixels that can help you to understand how the technology is cutting down the overall number of cameras needed. These cameras can help you to view a clear image while operating it from your mobile phone or laptop. The high resolution also allows the user to zoom in and take a close look on CCTV footage, that’s why it is considered a best home security camera system.

Ultimate Scalability Options

As compared to the analog CCTV systems, the IP CCTV can provide even more options in scalability due to which it is considered a best home security camera. These options include

  • Running a new cable of PoE Ethernet is really convenient for you because with IP CCTV systems you can connect them to the closest switch of the network.
  • You can get an opportunity to connect several business security cameras as well as home security cameras directly to the internet instead of a physical recording device.
  • This system allows you to record all the footages on the several hard drives that can automatically take the backup of data.
  • You do not need to use multiple NVR to manage the multiple IP CCTV Cameras.

Easy to Install and Maintain

Some people think that the improvement in technology means more complications while installing or maintain any device, but it’s not true at all. To install the analog camera, you required a separate cable that can transmit the signals of video back to the recording device, but with IP wireless security camera system you do not need any extra device or cables to record the data because it comes with a plug and play feature which is quite easy to install and maintain.

Affordable to Purchase and Maintain

IP CCTV camera is not only the best security cameras, in fact, they are also helping to cut down the extra cost that you may have to spend for recording device or cables while using an analog system. These systems can provide you with more advanced features within the affordable prices that can become such a smart choice for the owners of different organizations of companies as well. It is also known as a powerful home camera system the home owners can easily operate and view while sitting at the any corner of the world.

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