Disaster Recovery: Protecting your network data

In today’s scenario, majority of the companies conduct businesses online and use the internet for a wide range of solutions. Businesses store information in the form of data. Data security is of vital importance as it often contains sensitive and classified information. Breach in data security is one of the major problems faced by most of the businesses today. We, at Sway Power Consulting offer solutions to protect data and network management in several efficient ways.

Disaster recovery

Businesses can suffer long term losses when valuable data is lost permanently. Disaster recovery plans and backup systems, offered by us, ensure that the system recovers and there is no loss of data. Information can be recovered easily as data backup solutions are offered in the form of cloud based system. Plans utilized by our company, saves and recovers data automatically. Data can be sent directly to the cloud or to a local storage system so that it can be accessed easily.

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Migration to cloud

Another effective method to protect business data is to use migration to cloud solution provided by us. By using this new software solution, data remains safe and it can be accessed anywhere and anytime. With this new solution, we help businesses save data directly from the computer or server to the cloud.

Cloud service is reliable and easy to use. This also ensures that work is uninterrupted in case of disasters. We are a reliable network management company that provides software solutions to protect data and ensure smooth functioning of businesses.

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