Providing The Best Computer Repair Service

computer reapir serviceIt is something that everyone, from the mom working from home to the office manager, fears: a computer crashing. This can come in many different forms and is caused by a variety of things such as a hard drive malfunction to a physical problem within the computer.

All you know is that you need the problem fixed quickly and to save as much data as possible. That is why Sway Power Consulting computer repair service department should be your first stop; we have the tools, knowledge, and abilities to fix your computer in the event of a computer failure.

The Computer Repair Service that Fixes All Your Computer Problems

In Depth Investigation

Once the computer goes down, it is up to you to find a computer repair service that will be able to get you up and running without spending a great deal of money. Sway Power Consulting allows you to bring in your computer for a free diagnostic test. Not only will this tell them the problem with the computer, but it will also give them the ability to tell you, as the customer, the extent of the damage and the requirements to fix it. This part of the computer repair process can cost almost a hundred dollars if you go anywhere else.

Hardware Issues

computer repair shopThere are generally two different types of hardware failures that are considered in the realm of computer repair service: hard drive failures and all other failures. If you have a hard drive that has failed, you can use Sway Power Consulting’s computer repair service to extract as much data from the harmed hard drive as possible, this can save you a great deal of stress as your business documents and tax forms are recovered by computer repair experts. It should be noted that some catastrophic failures could destroy this information. After this is done, they can replace the hard drive and back up your data.

Software Issues

Another one of the most common problems that people face is computer viruses. These viruses can happen if someone sends you a malicious email or if you do not have a firewall up. The main side effect that most people see from this is their computer slowing down, but the actual cause is much more nefarious than that. These viruses can steal personal and confidential information from you and your clients. That is why it is important to use the computer repair service of Sway Power Consulting. We have the ability to find and eliminate the viruses from your computer and make sure your information stays private. For all of these reasons and more, SwayPC is the best computer repair service in the Miami area.

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