Common Computer or Laptop Malfunctions

Popular Problems With Laptops

Computer malfuntionsAlthough they were originally a technological novelty, laptops have become a necessity and people from all over the world use them on a daily basis to complete a wide range of activities. The same thing can be said about desktop computers as well, which provide even more processing power, but lack portability, which might be a problem in this regard.

Unfortunately, from time to time accidents happen, be it hardware issues or human errors, the reality is that a computer can easily malfunction.

The Battery

One of the most popular problems when it comes to laptops is indeed battery malfunctions. These appear out of nowhere usually and it can be hard to see them immediately, only when you try to use your computer without the cord plugged in is that the problem becomes apparent. This can be solved either by taking it to a computer repair shop or getting a new one.

The Power Cord

The power cord can also prove to be problematic at times, as this usually stops the computer from functioning and renders it unusable. This is the main reason why you have to be careful when you transport it. Thankfully, with the help of silicone sealant and some tape you can solve the problem really fast.


If you encounter a cracked notebook case, for example, don’t worry, this can also be solved. You will have to use putty in order to fill the void, then place everything back again. You will need a razor blade, epoxy putty, sandpaper and maybe some gloves.

The Fan

Bad fans can as well be a very nasty problem, but thankfully one can solve it really fast with a replacement fan. All you need is definitely a screwdriver as well as the replacement item. Once you do that, everything will be as good as new.

If one of your keys on the keyboard is stuck, most likely you will have to remove the whole keyboard and find a replacement.

Broken ComputerBut not only hardware problems can be encountered with a laptop, sometimes you might need to solve software problems as well. From operating system errors to application problems, all of these can easily make your computer stop working or reduce your productivity. And since this is definitely out of the question, the main idea here is to make sure you know how to perform all laptop or desktop repairs by yourself. However, it’s very important to contract the service of a professional or a computer repair company, especially if your computer is currently not working but you want to get your data back from it.

In the end, there are numerous types of computer malfunctions that might occur, and that’s why you should contact a professional laptop repair or computer repair company as this is the best way to solve any computer problem.

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