Windows 7 End of Life, now what?

Windows 7 End of Life, now what? As of January 14, 2020, the official end of Microsoft’s extended support for Windows 7 has arrived. Many companies learned that their support has recently ended through a notification that was pushed to all computers currently running Windows 7. This has many business owners wondering what this end [...] Read More
The Best Outdoor Home Security Cameras 2020

The Best Outdoor Home Security Cameras 2020

Personal security is indeed the most critical part of our lives. With the technological advancement, surveillance and security have become easier than ever before with the wireless camera security system. To keep your home and property safe from inside out, outdoor home security cameras play a crucial role. These incredible security cameras can keep your [...] Read More
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Why you shouldn’t buy a cheap security camera?

Security cameras have become the basic necessity nowadays where the crime rate has increased so much. Buying a camera for your home as well as for business is crucial, but it is not a very simple task as so many options are available in the marketing with varying features and amenities. Wireless security cameras are [...] Read More
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Data Disaster Recovery: Small Business Owners

Data Disaster Recovery: Small Business Owners Understanding the importance of data disaster recovery and backup is essential to minimize the sudden downfalls either in a small or large business. In the various IT industries or companies, such kinds of disaster can bring huge lost revenues driving many problems. The customer dealing can be affected, important [...] Read More
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Digital Transformation Requires Help: Sway Power Consulting is your answer

Digital Transformation is the biggest problem for companies. Nowadays, adopting and adapting digital transformation is becoming more important day by day. It becomes relevant for companies to stay competitive and start their progress in the world of digital transformation. For this purpose, every company should need the best management consulting experts that can help them [...] Read More
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How Technology Is Changing With IP CCTV Cameras

IP CCTV Cameras The CCTV systems are used for many years, and now it is becoming one of the essential parts of our life. The technology of CCTV security camera system is improving day by day that’s why these systems are becoming even more powerful and convenient to install as well as to maintain. The [...] Read More
Are traditional firewalls enough to Secure Your Business

Are traditional firewalls enough to Secure Your Business

It is no surprise that online security threat landscape has escalated exponentially over the years, and businesses are at a high risk for spam and other threats. Businesses are advised to upgrade their firewalls to keep up with spam protection and phishing awareness; however, they should think ahead of “traditional firewall and data protection” to [...] Read More
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Why most companies are outsourcing their IT network management services.

It is common knowledge that the IT industry is such that continues to witness skyrocketed advancement. Network management is an intricate task that requires trained professionals. Its time, budget, and resource intensity make it difficult for most companies to manage it together with their businesses. In fact, some companies have spent a considerable amount of […]

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We help you choose the best security cameras.

Surveillance cameras are an important aspect of the security of your house. There is specific reasoning behind it. This reasoning forms the cusp of discussion of this blog. When it comes to the security of your home, only the best surveillance camera systems are to be used. Using below par camera products will actually result […]

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Importance of Installing Surveillance Cameras at Home

With the alarming increase in the rate of crimes and theft across the globe, there has never been a more critical time to invest in a home surveillance camera. A surveillance camera enables you to monitor your home, as well as the people and property in it, to ensure their safety, especially when you are […]

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