Are traditional firewalls enough to Secure Your Business

It is no surprise that online security threat landscape has escalated exponentially over the years, and businesses are at a high risk for spam and other threats. Businesses are advised to upgrade their firewalls to keep up with spam protection and phishing awareness; however, they should think ahead of “traditional firewall and data protection” to ensure the protection of their data.

Suffering from a breach of data is damaging for businesses, and they are expected to pay a lucrative amount as ransom for retrieving their data from the hacker. In addition to data breach, traditional and outdated firewalls are unable to sustain phishing scams, which could also prove detrimental to the confidentiality of the business.

There is an urgent need for businesses to upgrade their firewalls and data security system, and upgrading their business’ infrastructure allows them to integrate new firewall protocols to ensure the protection of their data. A traditional firewall can do as much as mitigating few viruses and it alerts a business owner on the occurrence of any suspicious activities occurring in the organization. However, it doesn’t sustain the aftermath of a threat of distributed denial of service (DDos) that could be potentially responsible for data loss and downtime of a business’ infrastructure. It has been predicted that 26% of the DDOs attacks could potentially shut down a business permanently.

Simply put, traditional firewalls are far from being a silver bullet, and you cannot expect simple file scanners to monitor the occurrence of any illicit activity in your organization. Therefore, you should take initiatives regarding virtual private networking, data backup, and centralize antivirus to mitigate the threat of cyber-attack towards your organization.

Businesses are adapting sophisticated security systems for preserving the integrity of their confidential data and they have started to look beyond firewalls to ensure the protection of their data. They are streamlining and centralizing the safety precautions to secure the confidentiality of their data, and the results have been astronomical so far.

Additionally, modern businesses are becoming more compliant with VoIP and surveillance systems and they are utilizing superior surveillance systems to track the occurrence of illicit activities within the organization. Installation of fully-fledged security cameras is one way to upgrade the safety of your organization; however, you may also consider phishing awareness to identify and avoid the instances of phishing upon contract.

Traditional firewalls aren’t secure enough to protect your business but, a business should consider security cameras y network management for strengthening the security of its data. Look for an IT expert in Miami, Florida to help you understand the importance of surveillance systems and security cameras for enhancing the strength of your business and proceed further accordingly.

Evaluate your options in accordance with your requirements and choose a system beyond firewall for your business’ protection. Choosing to settle down with a traditional firewall wouldn’t do wonders; therefore, you should choose a centralized antivirus system and data backup plan to mitigate any potential threats placed at your firm!

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Are traditional firewalls enough to Secure Your Business – Sway Power Consulting

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